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Our Bank Marketing Consultants specialize in creating exciting promotions that drive traffic to banks, credit unions and financial institutions, ultimately increasing profits and securing new account holders. Effective bank marketing strategies not only attract prospective clients, they also engage and reward new and current customers, building customer loyalty and reinforcing your marketing message. To find out how your bank can benefit from our unique promotional marketing products and strategies, speak to a Bank Marketing Consultant today!

Money Machines

Money Blowing Machine Sales and Rentals

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One of our most popular bank marketing products is the Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine. With hundreds of bills swirling around inside just waiting to be caught by a lucky contestant, a Money Machine is an ideal financial marketing tool for banks. Many bank marketing managers offer new customers the opportunity to step into the Blizzard of Dollars to win hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of real cash, or custom imprinted vouchers that represent cash or prizes. What better way for your new bank customer to celebrate the opening of a new account, CD, or loan?

Design the bank promotions to fit your budget by choosing the denominations of bills inside. The lucky participant has only 25 seconds to stuff as much as they can into their Blizzard of Dollars apron. By controlling the denominations of the bills, you can somewhat control the amount each participant can win. Or, fill the Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine with mostly non-value vouchers and a few winning vouchers for big prizes such as a $100 CD, a $500 savings account, or a Hawaiian getaway.

We offer a variety of Money Machine models for rent. Our Hard Case Money Machines arrive with a high gloss metallic finish, flashing chaser lights, and are made with a metal TUFFBILT frame and no-scratch poly-carbonate. Our larger-than-life inflatable machines, available in a number of shapes and sizes, will definitely capture the attention of a crowd! If you are planning your bank promotion on a tight budget, opt for one of our collapsible Budget Money Machines. Additionally, banks will receive $1200 in play money to control the amount of real money that’s available, while still having a big visual impact.

If you have ongoing bank promotions, it may make more sense to purchase a completely customized Money Machine adorned with your company logo and marketing message. An industrial strength blower is included with each unit. Our Blizzard of Dollars Money Machines are so versatile that you can continuously create new and exciting bank promotions to draw crowds of new customers into your branch. Still have questions about Promotional Money Machines? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

Promotional Products

Customized Promotional Products for Banks

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Every bank should always have a host of high quality promotional items on hand to give away to prospective, new, and current customers. We offer thousands of low cost, high quality bank promotional products that you stock up on and use throughout the year as giveaways, in conjunction with your bank promotions.

If you’re trying to think of how to market a bank, some of the most effective bank promotional giveaways are those that people will use around town or at the office. Items such as calculators, polo shirts, and thermoses with your bank logo or bank name are a fantastic way to reward your customers, remind potential customers of your offerings, and reinforce your brand. Consider your customers and choose items that they’re most likely to use for the best results.

We offer a number of different products that you can personalize to use in your bank marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for popular items like pens and calendars, or less common items like wallets or umbrellas, we can help you find items that perfectly fit into your bank marketing strategy. Still have questions about Customized Promotional Products? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

The Prize Vault

Prize Vault Crack The Safe Promotional Game

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If all that stood between you and $10,000 was the code to the safe, would you try your luck? Set the prize vault in your bank lobby and invite everyone in the community to come down and give the combination a try. The best part of using the Prize Vault in your bank marketing campaign is that you don’t have to come up with the $10,000 if someone does win! The entire cash prize is ensured by Bank Marketing Consultants.

It’s possible to rent the prize safe without insurance. In lieu of the $10,000 jackpot, fill the prize safe with gift cards or luxury promotional items. The clear Plexiglass exterior allows customers to see exactly what’s inside, making it the ideal attraction for practically any promotion! It can also be customized with a programmable sign and a 6 inch pedestal.

However, if you’re planning on making this a regular bank marketing strategy, it might make more sense to purchase the prize safe. Great for an ongoing promotion in the branch lobby, the Prize Vault is sure to create a buzz about your bank! Still have questions about the Promotional Prize Vault? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

Customizable Scratch Off Cards

Custom Imprinted Promotional Scratch Off Cards for Banks

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Who can resist scratching the silvery surface of a scratch off card to reveal the prize below? These great looking customizable scratch cards are a low cost, high interest addition to any bank marketing strategy. Try offering teaser prizes that will get new customers in the door, such as a $50 CD or a $20 child’s savings account.

It’s difficult to turn down free money, and once inside your bank branch, it’s much easier to up-sell additional products or get patrons to switch banks entirely after they learn about the fantastic services your bank offers, thanks to these financial marketing strategies.

Not everyone will be a cash winner, but with customizable scratch cards, no one has to be a loser. Try offering your customized promotional items as smaller prizes that are not only useful to the winner, but also help to promote your bank. Customizable scratch off cards can be sized as a business card, an index card or as a postcard, which means that it’s possible to use these inside the bank, or as direct mail bank ads. Still have questions about Customizable Scratch Off Cards? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

Prize Wheel

Freestanding, Tabletop, Mini and Custom Prize Wheels

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These fun promotional bank marketing prize wheels can act as a standalone bank promotional event, and can be professionally customized any way you choose. Who doesn’t love the chance to spin a wheel loaded with opportunities to win great prizes? Try setting the prize wheel up at a local street fair or community event, and offer all passersby a chance to spin the wheel and learn more about your bank promotions.

Rent one of our stock wheels or customize your own for your bank promotions. There are sizes and styles to meet any of your bank marketing needs, from table top prize wheels to stand-alone prize wheels. If you’d prefer the flexibility of changing your prize panels to match your bank marketing strategy, we offer a 20.5” prize wheel with 12 customizable and interchangeable prize slots.

We also offer a 72” prize wheel that can be completely customized with your logo in a professional gloss finish. For more versatility, choose a professionally finished prize wheel with numbers, and then assign prizes to various numbers based on your current bank promotions. Still have questions about Promotional Prize Wheels? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

Plinko Boards

Plinko Boards available in tabletop and floor models

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Plinko Boards are another successful bank marketing strategy that will have your customers waiting around to try their hand at bouncing a personalized chip all the way down to the bottom of the board. Create frenzy and excitement about special bank promotions by placing the plinko boards in your lobby. Plinko boards are also a great way to reward your current customers. When a customer signs up for a savings account, allow them to drop the puck down the board for the chance to win prizes or special discounts.

Our stock Plinko Board models are available in both black and white and it’s easy to personalize each model using computer templates available on our website. Customize the prize slots to advertise special promotions you are offering such as a month of free rent on a safety deposit box.

For additional exposure, choose the Changeable Face Plinko Board. With the front panel measuring 48” x 24”, you are sure to attract the attention of prospective customers. The panels are interchangeable, allowing you to change your advertisement at any time. Still have questions about Plinko Boards? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

Phone Charging Station

changeable face plinko board

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When it comes to tradeshow, your 1st goal is to provide value to your customers, and secondly to maximize your ROI. Tradeshows are great places to network and exchange ideas, as well as making a lasting impression on attendees.
Customers who use phone charging stations have seen on average a foot traffic increase by nearly 35% and are a great way to provide value to attendees at these trade shows.
With these custom phone charging stations you can offer prospects the availability to charge their mobile devices such as: Smart Phones, iPads, and tablets. This allows your customers to stay connected with family and co-workers, while giving you a prime opportunity to interact and engage with these prospects.

We offer various styles of custom phone charging stations such as:

  • Custom branded table-top chargers
  • Custom branded floor model chargers
  • Tables with foot rest and built-in charging stations
  • Affordable DIY custom branded table with an added charging station models
  • Why stop there?
    Maybe these guests had to pack in a hurry and forgot to bring their phone chargers. In addition to charging their phone at your booth, you good offer them a charging cable organizer with your branding, or a portable power bank with your logo!
    Tradeshow attractions, such as phone charging stations, have the power to generate brand awareness and a great user experience to bring life to your booth!
    Check out our large selection of custom phone charging stations to rent or purchase yours today!
    Still have questions about custom phone charging stations? Speak to a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.


    Prize Dice

    Tabletop Prize Dice Game can be customized with your logo

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    Looking for a low cost, high impact addition to your bank marketing strategy that will bring excitement to your branch day after day? The promotional Prize Dice game is an easy to use, cost effective game that will provide fun filled entertainment to every customer who visits your bank.

    Allow customers to drop a pair of oversized dice into the clear display chute and watch as they bounce their way down to the bottom revealing a winning number that corresponds to a prize! The Prize Dice is an effective way to build customer loyalty. Whether you choose to offer custom branded promotional products, savings bonds, or discounted bank services like free business checking, customers are sure to walk away feeling excited about your bank or financial institution.

    Equipped with twelve prize slots, everyone is a winner! The prize slots are interchangeable and can be easily customized to include whatever promotion you are currently offering. This ability to customize the game makes Prize Dice ideal for repeated use. Free customization templates can be found on our website. Still have questions about the Prize Dice Game? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    The Prize Decoder

    Prize Decoder Bank Promotion with Customized Tickets

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    The Prize Decoder bank promotion offers banks, credit unions and other financial institutions the latest in cutting edge interactive bank promotions. Although it’s as popular as a scratch off bank advertising promotion, the Prize Decoder does much more — it gets customers into your bank and in front of your staff.

    Businesses looking for unique ways to market a bank can rent a free standing or table top Prize Decoder. Banks can direct-mail personalized, branded prize decoder tickets. Visitors to the bank simply need to insert the Prize Decoder Traffic Ticket into the electronic decoder to see what they’ve won. Whether you’re handing out large prizes like vacation packages, or smaller items like branded water bottles, each ticket can be a winner in this financial marketing strategy.

    If you’re considering the Prize Decoder as a regular part of your bank promotions, we offer the Prize Decoder in both a free-standing and table top model. Each has a full color display that can be customized to include videos, sounds, or an image of the actual prize that’s up for grabs. Still have questions about the Prize Decoder Scan to Win Promotion? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Giant Buzzwire Game

    Buzzwire Promotional Skill Game for Banks

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    Are you looking for an exciting bank promotion that will generate a “Buzz” about your services? Look no further than the Buzzwire Game, the latest edition to our bank marketing strategies. The unique design of the Buzzwire Game stirs the curiosity of everyone who sees it. Once you’ve captured their attention, allow customers to test their skill as they must keep a steady hand to win!

    Available for rent, the object of this bank promotion is to successfully guide a circular hoop attached to a wand up and down the bends and curves of a long wire without touching the sides. If they fail, the Buzzwire Game makes a loud buzzing sound, grabbing the attention of the entire room. Each unit includes two different sized hoops so that you can customize the level of difficulty.

    The changeable face plates of the Buzzwire Game make it the ideal bank promotion for repeated use. Great for a number of different bank marketing events, the Buzzwire Game can be easily transported and requires no electricity—it is powered by a rechargeable battery pack! Still have questions about the Giant Buzzwire Game? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Treasure Chest Bank Promotion

    Promotional Treasure Chest with Lock and Keys

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    If you’re looking for a financial marketing strategy that will have customers flocking to your bank, consider a treasure chest bank advertising program. Whether you choose a brushed gold treasure chest, a Lucite treasure chest or a wooden treasure chest, your customers will know instantly that there’s treasure inside.

    These treasure chest bank promotions are ideal ways to get people into your bank. Many bank advertising campaigns mail out keys to the treasure chest to potential and current customers, to entice them to come inside and test their luck. It’s an ideal bank marketing strategy because banks can control the number of winning keys and bogus keys that are handed out.

    If you’re trying to think of how to market a bank, consider a bank marketing strategy centered around treasure chests. We offer two different packages that include an all wooden treasure chest, a brass lock, and bogus and winning keys. You can use this exciting bank promotion again again! For added exposure, opt for a customized display stand emblazoned with your bank logo that cannot be overlooked! Still have questions about Treasure Chest Promotions? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Toss N’ Win

    Custom Corn Hole Boards for Bean Bag Toss Game

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    If you’re a bank, credit union or financial institution looking for easy bank promotions that will have customers of all ages gathering around for the chance to play, the Toss N’ Win game is perfect for your establishment! You will have no need to explain the rules of the game to participants because Toss N’ Win is the promotional version of corn hole, the well known bean bag toss game!

    Our Toss N’ Win games are an ideal attraction for a variety of indoor and outdoor bank marketing events. It’s convenient, portable design allows for easy transportation and requires very little set up. Each unit includes two customized boards, eight bean bags, front leg support, a wall mounting bracket and an attached carry handle.

    Our Toss N’ Win boards measure 21” x 33”, providing ample room to display your company logo or advertise special promotions and discounts that you are currently offering. Our in-house art department uses a full color process to create a completely customized board tailored to your financial marketing needs! Still have questions about Toss N’ Win Games? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Raffle Promos

    Brass  and Acrylic Raffle Drums Available

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    Everyone loves a raffle promotion and nothing attracts attention to your bank advertising like a customized raffle drum. To ‘drum’ up excitement, mail out personalized, pre-printed raffle tickets to customers and invite them to stop by and place the tickets in the drum and stay for the big drawing. Couple your raffle drum bank promotion with custom imprinted promotional products to create a lasting brand impression on the public.

    When current customers open a new account, reward them with a raffle ticket! Raise the stakes by offering luxury promotional products or a $50 savings bond to these valued clients. Establishing lasting relationships with your customers is vital to your financial marketing strategies and promotional raffles are a great way to get customers excited about your services.

    Raffle drums are available for purchase in a variety of different sizes and styles. Whether you choose a large brass raffle drum or opt for an acrylic drum customized with your company logo, a promotional raffle drum is a successful addition to your financial marketing strategy! Still have questions about Raffle Promotions? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Customized Popcorn Machines

    Promotional Popcorn Machines and Printed Bags

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    Banks are constantly looking for ways to shed that large corporate persona, and connect with customers on a hometown level. Setting up a customized popcorn machine in your bank lobby that’s brimming with warm, buttery popcorn creates an atmosphere that is inviting and personable! The cost of producing popcorn is so inexpensive that it’s the ideal treat to give away for free, as a bank promotion or a thank you to all of your customers. Customers appreciate a thoughtful gesture from a trusted bank.

    We offer custom popcorn bags that can be printed with a message of your choice. As your bank promotions change from month to month, the custom popcorn bags can change to reflect your current offer. Promote home loans, incentives to open new accounts or CD’s and get your bank ads in the hands of an already warm target audience!

    Choose from budget popcorn machines that can be customized with a plaque or transfer, or a completely custom popcorn machine with a screen printed logo, plastic etching, and paint choices to coordinate with your bank advertising efforts. Still have questions about Customized Popcorn Machines? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Show Stopping Robots

    Life-Size, Animated Robots for Advertising

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    Imagine the talk around town if Rupert the Robot made frequent appearances in your bank lobby to greet customers and hand out promotional items and brochures announcing new products. Rupert can entertain for 8 straight hours on a single charge, and is controlled by a person with a remote that is concealed as a coffee cup.

    The Gizmo D. Robot is a gigantic robot that is impossible to miss! Gizmo will arrive preloaded with a 40 minute custom script to interact with people in your bank lobby or at a marketing event. The newest addition to our robot offerings is the gorilla robot. The gorilla is available in five colors and his torso and arm both move, attracting attention to your bank promotions.

    Each one of our robots can be rented or purchased, depending on your specific needs. Some models can be scripted so your customers receive the exact financial marketing message that you want them to receive. The gorilla robot also comes with a customizable sign, which makes it ideal for outdoor advertising in a busy traffic area. Still have questions about Promotional Robots? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Photo Booth Rentals

    Portable Custom Photo Booths for Events

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    Your bank is always looking for a way to be more personable and to show customers how much they are appreciated. To accomplish both of these important goals, choose our Portable Photo Booth for your next bank marketing promotion. Let your customers rediscover how well your bank knows fun as they enjoy taking photos with our easy to ship, cost-effective photo booth. Choose from multiple printout options all of which can be customized with your bank ads to make sure that your customers know exactly who provided their fun, exciting photos.

    Available for rent, the Photo Booth is also an effective way to get your logo and marketing message seen by prospective and current customers. The entire side of the Photo Booth can be customized so that it becomes a billboard for your company’s event.

    We print on the spot, giving guests a memorable takeaway gift imprinted with your logo that doubles as a powerful branding and advertising piece. Guests can take home these fun photos for a keepsake that they’ll treasure for years. Still have questions about Promotional Photo Booth Rentals? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Video Games Attractions

    Classic Arcade Game Rentals Pacman and More

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    If you’re looking for ways to keep a crowd captive, video game attractions are an excellent way to do it. While customers are waiting for their own turn to play, they’re a captive audience for your sales staff. Nearly everyone will want to take a turn at your video game, whether you choose a retro Pac Man or Pinball machine, popular dance games, fighting video games, or set up your very own mini golf course in your bank’s lobby.

    Video game attractions are available to rent, or banks can purchase them for routine use in their financial marketing strategy. Set up is simple, whether you choose from a free standing or table top model. All you need to do it plug the machine into a regular three prong plug and you’re ready to play. No quarters necessary!

    Because these video games can be customized, there will be no doubt that customers will overlook them. It’s possible to personalize them with a sign on top, which is an ideal place to highlight your logo and special bank promotions you are offering. Still have questions about Video Game Attractions? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    The “Cha-Ching!” Slot Machine

    Vegas Style Promotional Slot Machine Rentals

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    We all know the irresistible attraction that slot machines have. If your bank advertising campaign is offering prizes as an incentive for opening a new account or for purchasing bank products, what could be a more exciting way for contestants to try their hand at winning than with the pull of a slot machine?

    The “Cha-Ching!” Slot Machine is a real, but modified, slot machine that does not dispense coins and can be used anywhere without any special licenses. It still has all the colorful lights and attractive sounds of a real slot machine, but instead of dispensing coins, winners can hope for a winning spin of the prize reel. This type of bank promotion is especially hot in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, and other areas of the country where casinos line the landscape.

    Slot machines can be rented or purchased. It’s possible to customize the prize reel with images of your choice so that you’ll get the exact professional look your customers will remember. We can even customize the vouchers for a one of a kind experience. Still have questions about Promotional Slot Machines? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Customizable ATM Money Machine

    Custom Printed ATM Machine Promotion for Banks

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    If you’re not sure how to market a bank, consider using one of the most recognized items around — a customizable ATM Money Machine. The machine offers a promotion mode so that it’s possible to hand out real money or personalized items such as prize vouchers, coupons, gift certificates and even customized bills that you’ve designed yourself. All customers need to do is swipe a bank marketing promotional card and the ATM Money Machine is activated.

    The rental fees associated with ATM Money Machine include both installation and training, so your staff won’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to effectively use the ATM Money Machine. Even if you’re simply renting the machine, we’ll personalize it so that it fits seamlessly into your bank marketing strategy.

    However, if you’re looking to make the ATM Money Machine a part of your regular bank promotions, it’s possible to purchase one. We can customize the exterior of the machine with custom imprinting and vinyl wraps so that there’s no doubt where the prizes are coming from. Still have questions about Promotional ATM Machines? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

    Giant Marketing Balloons, Customized Promotional Inflatables and More

    Custom Inflatable Advertising Balloons

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    Need a bank marketing tool that won’t be ignored? Our promotional inflatables make a bold financial marketing statement that will drive traffic into your bank or credit union! How many times have you “discovered” a shop in your own neighborhood that had been there for years, but that you’d never noticed? Refuse to be overlooked with your own giant marketing balloon in any shape you can imagine.

    Purchase one of our stock marketing inflatables, such as oversized marketing hot air balloons, giant dollar signs, air dancers, or advertising zeppelins. Or let us create a promotional inflatable replica of any object you can imagine, such as your logo or mascot. We can also custom imprint your logo on one of our stock advertising balloons for low cost, high impact outdoor bank ads that will demand attention.

    Promotional inflatable marketing balloons draw serious crowds to your special events. Don’t risk losing business by not alerting the public to your big bank promotions. Pull in huge crowds with high impact custom inflatables that announce your bank promotions to the public. Still have questions about Customized Promotional Inflatables? Speak to a Bank Marketing Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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